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More Applause


General Hospital once again has me totally enthralled.I cannot believe the chemistry between players.The dialog has remained consistantly the best in daytime but now the plot itself finally seems to be moving ahead.We have the Spencers and Cassidine plot complete with a mysterious virus,two antagonistic half brothers,hidden agendas on the part of all the adult players,and of course the McGuffin.What's in that egg anyway I can't wait to find out!! Next we have Sonny/Brenda/Jax.Here those awfulPTB seem to be playing with us once again but judging from postings the internet over they have definately gotten our attention.In the meanwhile it's great to see Ron Hale again and I'm anxious to learn this week what Real Andrew's plans for Sonny really are and why it's so personal for him.Good job GH.Ingo,Ingo,Ingo, these past two weeks you've had some great scenes. I'm remembering what made a faction of the fans cheer for you to begin with.Keep it up!! The drugs storyline.I know many disagree with me but I think that it's great the show is attempting this storline.Although I,along with alot of others groaned for the nine months we had to watch Alan and Brenda popping pills instead of story,I'm waiting to see what happens next with this.And Bravo to A.J. and Keesha.A.J.'s character cannot move in any direction until he deals with his disease.As last weeks scenes prove this would be a terrible waste.Ditto Keesha.I like it that she's telling this family off.They need somebody to now that Lois is gone and Keesha seems up to it. Anybody who missed the 3/14 episode also missed a whole new technique in directing.We saw three seperate scenes and they were cut into one another.In fifteen minutes of riviting air time the Monica,Cassidine,Sonny and Dorman plots were interwoven in such a way that I'll never watch one without looking for clues to the others again.Tuc Watkins is one scary dude.I truly fear for the citizens of Port Charles. If you've stopped watching this show,start again now.Madame Riche and her crew are giving us a big payback right now for hanging in through the slooow months.I'd hate for anyone who cares about this show to miss it.


I would just like to applaud General Hospital for having the best couple on Daytime Soap (Sonny & Brenda) The scenes that I have seen with them set my tv and heart on fire. Sometimes it is too believable. These two actors have an undescribable chemistry. Thanks again. Keep those scenes coming with those two in it. (and together)


GH is my favourite soap. I enjoy watching it. Jax and Brenda belong together. They have a mature relationship compare to hers and Sonny. Jax can make Brenda happy forever while Sonny can only make her happy for the moment but miserable for most of the time. Brenda needs a stability, trust,respect and loyalty. Jax gives her all that. Sonny and her just bicker sure they have great chemistry but so does she and Jax. Miranda is a lost cause. She does not have any chemistry with Jax the closest chemistry that she has is with Mac.I think these two should hook up together. Let Stefan with Katherine. Booby back to Tony and find out the truth about Carly.

Kari Salvesen

Sonny and Brenda are THE best couple that I have ever "met"! I sincerely hope that Brenda just lets down her guard and just admits to Sonny that she still loves him with all her heart! I mean, what does she have to lose? Jax? Who really cares? Jax is still in love with Miranda, so what's the lost? The only thing Brenda has to lose is Sonny if she doesn't tell him that she feels the same way, soon.


Hello! :-) I just would like to say that Jax and Brenda are the *best* couple on General Hospital. Despite the popular belief that Sonny and Brenda are going to get back together, we, the Jax and Brenda Guardian Angels, are not going to just sit here and watch TPTB make a huge mistake. That's why if you are a fan of Jax and Brenda and would like them to stay together, I recommend that you go and sign two J&B petitions that out here on the net. All you have to do is go to these web sites...
and then submit your name and e-mail addy. This is one way that we can let TPTB know that we want Jax and Brend to stay *together* :) If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to e-mail me. Thank you. JAX AND BRENDA TO INFINITY AND BEYOND..,


I love the Monica & Dorman law suite storeyline right now. It's stupid, but it's good for the show while the S/B/J/M thing is going on. Whenever the show is practically revolving around the four of them, it's great to have another storeyline come in! I know that the whole Dorman thing is crazy, but it's good, it just doesn't make any sense.


I would just like to say I love the storyline of the Spencers versus the Cassadines, each day I can't wait for the show to come on, I always tape the show even if I watch it. The chemistry between all of the actors is really a pleasure to watch. Putting Bobbie in with the Cassadines has really added a dimenson to the whole story line.

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More Complaints

Susan carthwright

I'm soooo upset with Sonny! Of course I think that he and Brenda should be together, but does he have to go pining after her like he does? If Brenda is really stupid enough to stay with Jax, than get Sonny a woman! Don't let him keep on sulking like he's doing! Sonny is my favorite character, and deserves some happiness!


I would just like to say that Brenda and Sonny should get back together, I am getting tierd of watching the lack of chemistry between her and Jax. Sonny and Brenda belong together, and give Carly a break, she doesen't deserve such an awful story line.


ENOUGH WITH THE SON-BREN FLASHBACKS ALREADY!!!!!!!! That scene is disgusting enough the first time and we don't need to see them anymore! It was bad enough that the J&B fans had to watch them have sex in the cave sooo please stop reminding us of that day. Jax and Brenda are still the hottest, the most beautiful and the best couple on daytime!

nicole gebhart

I am a long time viewer of GH. I have stuck with GH threw bad story lines and good ones. And for the most part there have been more good stories than bad! But how long can GH keep Sonny and Brenda apart! It is really starting to get old. I love these two characters and can't believe GH is dragging this story on for so long. I understand the show wants to keep the suspense level high but why don't they get them back together and send them on the run! (They have been doing it for Luke and Laura for years)


I have been a long time fan of Luke and Laura. I have always loved the casual way he has snubbed his nose at authority. He has always been right in the end. Unfortunately, Luke has crossed the line from fighting for what is right by using whatever means possible, to jumping to conclusions and seeing evil everywhere.

In the past Luke was always fighting adults, people doing evil for evils sake. Now he is punishing children for the sins of their parents. I don't just mean Nicholas Cassadine, but Lucky and Lulu too. In the past Luke would never have hurt a child, which is exactly what he has done to Lucky. He has taught Lucky to be caught up only in what directly affects him. Friends are a convenience and disposable at will. Worst of all he has robbed Lucky of a semi-normal childhood and taught him that it is okay to want to kill someone. It upsets me to see Luke encourageing Lucky to trust no one. For God's sake let the boy have a paranoia free life for a while.

Luke used to plan his schemes and get the facts before acting in ways that could harm innocent people. Now he's just a paranoid old man so desparate for some action that he can't allow himself or his family enjoy life for a while. I do agree that Cassadine is up to something. I don't think he's as insane as the rest of his family. And, I certainly don't think Nicholas is knowingly involved. I can however, see how Nicholas can grow up to be someone evil if he is continually held responsible for the sins of his family. Charles Manson is an insane and evil man, but I would never treat children he might have had as if they had commited the murders he did.

Kimberly Larkin

I'm sorry, but I just don't understand Mike. I mean, first he says "I may have pushed you in her direction before, but that's a mistake I won't make twice." Meaning Brenda. Then, a month or so later, all Mike wants to do is reunite Sonny and Brenda. Does that bother anyone else?


I would like to see AJ and Kesha's storyline on the internet. No one talks about them. I think that there could be a good love triangle between AJ, Kesha and Jason.

rita yebuah

I really love the show but I was disappointed to hear that the character of Robin was leaving the show I touch base with the show because of her. Now I don't know if I should watch the show any longer.

Are we ever going to see Jagar and Karen ever again I started watching the show because of them. I hope they will return soon with the real Karen and Jagar not new actors.


I want to start by saying that I LOVE GH ! I was very disappointed to hear Alexis and Stephan refer to a virus that was hidden in a family treasure (cut to LuLu's egg from Nick). I was hoping the plan was to take over the hospital where Stephan's brother died, and make the Spencers pay by having the town turn on them . Love the show, don't end the feud, just the weird stuff.


I have to agree. Katharine is the most boring character on the show. I like mary Beth Evans and wish they'd give her something better to work with. She has no chemistry with anyone they've paired her with yet. Maybe she should move over to GH2 with Kevin, Scott, and Lucy.


I have been a loyal GH fan for years but I am becoming very frustrated with the way the show is going. They seem to have too many story lines going and too many unrevealed secrets. Like when are we ever going to find out about Stephan's big plans and if Sonny and Brenda are going to get back together would TPTB PLEASE get on with it!


My complaint with the show recently everything is dragging on, what is Stefan's big plans and what does Kevin have to do with it, and my other complaint is there are no happy couples on the show.


Okay...I am a S&B fan and all I have to say is PUT SONNY AND BRENDA BACK TOGETHER ALREADY!!!! I had heard lots of good things about Valetines Day, but it turned it out to be a BIG disappointment...I mean us S&Believers didn't even get any flashbacks! TPTB are just wasting precious time here and it has to stop soon!!!



Kim Vu

I think it's a good idea to bring back Miranda and I would like Brenda to go back where she belongs: with Sonny and Miranda with Jax! I also think that Tom and Felisha are a great couple and that Katherine should go back with Mac. Stephan should stay with his wife Bobby. It's great to bring back Laura and Luke but Nickolas should give up and for give his mother. Also Jax has to admit his feelings for Miranda and go back with his true love!


I love Stefan but I wish they would quit trying to get some kind of story with Kathryn going, she is so boring no matter who she is with I hated her with Mac, Ned & Damien. Just because they were a super couple on another soap does not mean that they will be on this one. Get Kathryn out of there she is blah, blah, blah......


Bringing Luke and Laura back was a brilliant idea. However, planning to unite Katherine and Stephan (ex-Patch and Kayla of Days of our Lives) is a big mistake. There is a huge lack of chemistry between them. While I find myself liking Stephan more and more, Catherine continues to leave me cold.

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