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Awards We've Received
Welcome to our awards page. Here you will find the awards that The SoapBox has received. We proudly post them here for you to see, and thank those that have honored us with their awards.

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of POD
WebTrips Award

Congratulations!! Your site is site of the week under category: Soap Operas. Thanks for contributing to a better sense of community on the web. We value those of you taking the web to the next level.

-WebTrips Network(tm) Production Staff

AWFB Award

I find the content a lot of fun...but the real treat is the ongoing surveys she maintains...An easy site to manuever, Kellys SoapBox earns our nod for AWFBs site of the week.


UrlSpider Award

"Out of the thousands of submissions we receive a month your site stood several notches above and you should be proud!"

-JM Pierce

Critical Mass Award

Great job, good content and presentation and nice graphics plus easy to navigate. A positive contribution to the web."

-Bill Darling

TheGoddess Award

Congratulations!!! I am honored to offer you the awards from The Realm of TheGodess.....!!


TheGoddess Award

I had a great time visiting!!! Thanks for the invite, and keep up the great work!


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